Daisy Pulls It Off

by Denise Deegan           June 2011

Cast : Susan Pearson (Miss Gibson), Zena Howarth (Miss Granville), Zoe Roberts (Mademoiselle), Sharon Bennett (Mother/Matron), Michael Carpenter (Mr Schoblowski), Roger Trayhurn (Mr Thompson), Maria Bowler (Daisy), Karen Wiltshire (Trixie), Laura Keogh (Clare), Margaret Harris (Alice), Sophie Palmer (Sybil), Hannah Evans (Monica), Zahra McCallum (Belinda), Alyona Saldanha (Winnie)

Producer: Edna Reeves

Daisy Pulls It off is about the attempts of Daisy Meredith to find acceptance in the snobby confines of Grangewood School for Young Ladies.

After undergoing a number of tribulations all comes right in the end with Daisy saving the lives of her arch-enemies, discovering the treasure of Grangewood, scoring the winning goal at hockey and finding her long-lost father! This witty comedy enjoyed a long and very successful run in the West End at the Globe Theatre. Period 1927.