Wednesday 8th - Saturday 11th November 2023

A classic farce which exposes the intricacies and complications that arise when three sets of hopeful

lovers all converge on the bedroom of a supposedly empty flat of Philip and Joanna Markham.

Henry wants to borrow his partner Philip’s flat for the evening for an amorous encounter with Miss

Wilkinson. At the same time, Henry’s wife Linda is persuading Philip’s wife Joanna to let her borrow

the flat for her own illicit encounter with Walter. Meanwhile, Alistair the interior designer is

planning to get to know Sylvie the au pair much better that same evening! They all converge on the

flat at the same time and the frantic efforts of the Markhams to hide the secret goings-on lead to a

hectic and hilarious evening.


Philip Markham - Michael Manning                   Joanna Markham - Laura Curtis

Henry Lodge - Matt Hemmings                        Miss Wilkinson - Maria Hiscock

Linda Lodge - Susan Pearson                          Walter Pangbourne - Adrian Peace

Alistair Spenlow - John Fisher                          Sylvie - Alyona Saldanha

Olive Harriet Smythe - Karen Evans

We’re still making the final plans for our Spring show best rest assured, it’s going to be great!

Keep an eye out here or on our socials for more announcments.

Wednesday 6th - Saturday 9th March 2024

We will be holding a read through and auditions for this play following the November production at the Salvation Army Hall in Gorse Hill, Swindon and they will as always be open to everyone.

Produced by Julia Edwards