Venetian Twins

by Carlo Goldini (translated by Ranjit Bolt)     Nov 2017


Bargello: Godfrey Room                      Lelio: Colin Jones

Brighella: Roger Trayhurn                   Dr Balanzoni: Clive Baker

Tiberzio: Enrico Bosa                         Florindo: Tom Freegard

Arlecchino: Matt Hemmings                Pancrazio: Craig Fox  

Beatrice: Sarah Cousens                    Rosaura: Susan Pearson

Colombina: Ruth Davies                     Zannetto/Tonino: John Fisher

Porter: Robert Elrick

Produced by Godfrey Room

Twins separated at birth turn up in Verona, one for an arranged marriage and the other to meet a girl who has run away from her family for him.

They are mistaken for each other and the resulting chaos includes duels, betrayals, spats, arrests, a casket of stolen jewels, and a death from poisoned wine: the show's comic high point!

The Venetian Twins was the comic hit of the 1994 Off-Broadway season. Written in 1743 by the master of Italian comedy, this piece of slapstick foolery hasn't lost an ounce of freshness.