The Whole Truth

by Ray Cooney                March 2022


Deenie: Alyona Saldana                      Lewis Paulton: John Fisher

Brenda Paulton: Sarah Cousens         Carliss: Tom Freegard

A Visitor: Gina Dunford                       Briggs: Steve Trotman

Brett: Andrew Barber                          Petty: Robert Elrick

Produced by Julia Edwards

They go upstairs to change.

There is a ring at the door and the maid lets in Hugh Carliss. Carliss picks up a letter opener and puts it in his pocket. When Lewis comes down Carliss identifies himself as a police officer. He says that Marion Gray has been murdered and Lewis was the last one to see her...

This play has a different approach to the crime drama in that the audience is aware of the murderer early on and watches him try to shift the blame on to an innocent man. The suspect vainly attempts to struggle out of his web of deceit, trying to convince the police of the murderer’s guilt by using the only weapon he has – to tell the whole truth. A tautly written play which will bring the audience to the edge of their seats.