Tom Dick And Harry

by Ray & Michael Cooney            Nov 2009


Richard Mummery (Tom), Laura Keogh(Linda), John Fisher (Dick), Tom Freegard (Harry), Maria Bowler (Katerina), Tony Manders (Andreas), Robert Elrick (Constable Downs), Zena Howarth (Mrs Potter), Stuart Jackson (Boris)

Producer: Julia Edwards

The Kerwood brothers are not your everyday Tom, Dick and Harry.

Tom and his wife Linda are in the final stages of adopting a baby and are nervously awaiting the arrival of the head of the adoption agency, the formidable Mrs Potter. Unfortunately, at the same time, Dick, who shares the house with Tom and Linda, returns from a French smuggling trip with brandy and cigarettes - and two illegal Kosovan refugees who sneaked into his van in Calais. Meanwhile, hospital porter Harry has embarked on an ambitious plan (involving body parts) to get the price reduced on the house Tom and Linda want to buy. Hilarious mayhem ensues, as Tom must fabricate ever wilder explanations to placate Linda, Mrs Potter and a suspicious policeman.