Shady Business

by Robin Hawdon           March 2015


Cast: Matt Hemmings (Gerry/Larry), Zoe Roberts (Tania), Maria Hiscock (Mandy), Tom Freegard (Terry), Steve Summers (Big Mack), Adrian Peace (Harry The Hammer), John Fisher (Dozer).

Producer: Julia Edwards

Mandy and Tania are sexy but struggling nightclub dancers living in the heart of London's Soho nightlife, and they face a crisis.

Will possessive club owner Big Mack find out about Mandy's affair with Gerry and Tania's affair with Terry, and set his sidekicks on them? Will he discover that he is owed money that was borrowed from his club's till, then gambled and lost on the club's roulette table, and then stolen back from the club's takings? Will Gerry be discovered hiding in Mandy's bathroom? Will Terry be rumbled delivering the dinner? Will Terry reveal that he is really Gerry and that Gerry is Terry?

Will anyone figure out what on earth is going on, and will they all survive until the curtain comes down? The action doesn't slow down from beginning to end in this madcap farce.