Timothy                       Bird Feud

by Michael Milne & Davis K. Barnes          by Troy Banyan

Cast for Bird Feud:

Maria Bowler Hiscock (Fleur Chadwick), Stuart Jackson (Jim Steele), Simon Crutchley (Tom Parkes), Elaine Apps (Laura Steele), Karen Evans (Pam Parkes), Terry Pidgeon (Norman Deakin).

Cast for Timothy:

Hannah Evans (Yvonne), Karen Evans (Susan), Zoe Roberts (Annette), Matt King (Timothy)

Producers: Sally Kirkup and Adrian Peace

"Bird Feud" by Troy Banyan

The play follows the fall out of a typically childish bet made by two friends in the pub and how the ladies in the men's lives plan to deal with it.

"Timothy" by Michael Milne and David K. Barnes

The play is about 3 women in a basement as Annette and her friends end up planning to murder her husband. It was performed to widespread acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011.