Murder For The Asking

by Derek Benfield              Mar 2019


Henry Scrubb - Simon Crutchley       Dora Scrubb - Karen Evans

Janet Gregory - Ruth Davies             James Franklyn - Robert Elrick

Pender - Tony Manders                   Rita Franklyn - Shirley Dodson

Detective Sergeant Thatcher - John Fisher

Produced by Adrian Peace & Zena Howarth

Desperate to find a job, Henry Scrubb answers a box number advertisement in a newspaper, offering a “big financial reward” and requiring no qualifications. He does not really expect anything to come of it, but to his surprise the advertiser, a Mr Franklyn, does contact him and explains the conditions of the job.

Franklyn needs, he says, someone to murder him and believes that Henry would be the right person to do it. He gives no reason for this strange request, but offers Henry £3000 if he will carry out his wishes. Henry refuses to have anything to do with the scheme and Franklyn goes away. That night, however, Henry receives some disturbing news….

From this exciting beginning, Derek Benfield builds a suspenseful drama that keeps the audience guessing until the very last moment.