Mansfield Park

by Constance Cox                Nov 2016


Sir Thomas Bertram: Tony Manders          Lady Bertram: Annie Harvey

Tom Bertram: Matt Hemmings                  Edmund Bertram: Colin Jones

Maria Bertram: Ruth Davies                   Julia Bertram: Jasmine Hinton

Mrs Norris:Shirley Dodson                         Fanny Price: Sarah Cousens

Mr Rushworth: Tom Freegard                   Henry Crawford: John Fisher

Mary Crawford: Zoe Roberts

Produced by Clive Baker

A very young shy and timid Fanny Price is sent by her impoverished family to live with her wealthy Uncle and Aunt at Mansfield Park.

She grows up with her four cousins Tom, Edmund, Maria and Julia and has to face many hardships being treated as an inferior poor relation but finds solace and friendship with the kind and gentle Edmund with whom she eventually falls in love but his attentions are directed to the visiting Mary Crawford whilst her brother Henry looks to disrupt Maria’s engagement to the wealthy Mr Rushworth, just for fun.

Relationships are twisted and manipulated through this tale of character adapted from the novel by Jane Austen.