Lord Arthur Saviles Crime

by Constance Cox                Nov 2018


Baines: John Fisher   Lord Arthur Savile: Ben Robinson

Sybil Merton: Maria Hiscock  Dean of Paddington: Roger Trayhurn

Lady Windermere: Elaine Wallace Lady Clementina: Karen Evans

Lady Julia Merton: Shirley Dodson Mr Podgers: Godfrey Room

Nellie: Ruth Davies   Herr Winkelkopf: Matt Hemmings

Produced by Clive Baker

This play is based on an 1890's story by Oscar Wilde about Lord Arthur Savile's who is engaged to lovely Sybil Merton.

Her pet chiromantist Podgers has read Lord Arthur's palm and foretold he would commit a murder.

Lord Arthur desires a blissful married life and therefore feels duty bound to get the murder over with first.