Keep An Eye On Amelie

by Georges Feydeau           Nov 2011

John Fisher (Marcel), Laura Keogh (Amelie), Matt King (Etienne), Karen Evans (Irene), Stuart Jackson (Pochet), Zena Howarth (Yvonne), Godfrey Room (Van Putzeboum), Clive Baker (Koshnadieff), Hannah Evans (Palmyre), Tony Manders (The Prince of Palestrie), Clive Temple (The Mayor), Roger Trayhurn (Mouilletu), Alyona Saldanha (Charlotte), Matthew Hemming (Bibichon), Robert Elrick (Cornette, Police Superintendent), Max Curtis (Adonis), Kimberley Evans (The Brat), Adrian Peace (Boas), Tom Freegard (Valcreuse)

Producer: Julia Edwards

All the classic elements of a French farce are here including a slightly loose but charming heroine, a confirmed bachelor chasing his inheritance, her lover, his lover, her rogueish father, his rich godfather and an amorous prince.

Events spiral out of control in this hilarious adaption.