Journeys End

by R.C. Sherriff                 Nov 2014


Roger Trayhurn (Captain Hardy), Chris Hall (Private Mason), Max Curtis (2nd Lieutenant Raleigh), Stu Jackson (2nd Lieutenant Trotter), Tony Manders (The Company Sergeant-Major), Tom Freegard (A German soldier), Adrian Peace (Lieutenant Osborne), Matt Hemmings (Lance-Corporal Broughton), John Fisher (Captain Stanhope), Matt King (2nd Lieutenant Hibbert) and Robert Elrick (The Colonel)

Produced by Clive Baker

Second Lieutenant Raleigh, the new officer assigned to C Company, is welcomed by everyone except apparently Captain Stanhope who reveals later that Raleigh was at school with him and hero-worshipped him.

What neither of them knows is that if 'Stanhope went up those steps into the front line without being doped with whisky, he'd go mad with fright'.

The drama of the personal relationships between the men is played out against the larger tragedy raging around them of the First World War.