Jekyll And Hyde

by Leonard H. Caddy          Nov 2007


Tony Manders (Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde), Karen Evans (Celestine), Maria Bowler (Charlotte), Robert Elrick (Poole), Clive Baker (Dr Lanyon), Susan Pearson (Hilda), Clive Temple (Utterson), Shirley Dodson (Penny)

Producer: Stuart Jackson

In this retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's famous story, Dr Jekyll is introduced just as he is on the brink of discovering the key to man's inner reality.

One evening he experiments on himself and finds to his delight that his formula works. Unfortunately, his "real" self turns out to be the monster Edward Hyde. Undaunted, Dr Jekyll continues his researches, spending more and more time as Hyde, and gradually the horrifying character of Hyde begins to take over. Jerkyll's fiancee and friends slowly become aware of the changes in him but are powerless to help. Jekyll himself finds it more and more difficult to keep Hyde at bay, and his initial delight soon turns to despair. Period: 1851.