House Guest

by Francis Durbridge           July 2009


 Adrian Peace (Robert), Godfrey Room (Inspector Burford), Sally Kirkup (Jane), Elaine Apps (Dorothy), Shirley Dodson (Stella), Hannah Evans (Vivian), Clive Baker (Crozier), Richard Mummery (Sergeant).

Producer: Edna Reeves

Imagine how you would feel. Your only child has been kidnapped but no ransom demanded. All the kidnapper wants is to stay in your home for 48 hours. If you go along with this request your child will be returned unharmed.

That is the dilemma faced by Robert and Stella Drury when their nine year old son, Mike, is abducted in Francis Durbridge's thriller. Of course there is more to this than meets the eye. The Drurys find they do not know who they can trust and as the story unfold we discover the real reason behind the kidnapping. Several people meet untimely deaths before this twisty story reaches its thrilling conclusion.