Funny Money

by Ray Cooney          November 2021 2014


Jean Perkins: Annie Harvey   Henry Perkins: Matt Hemmings

Bill: Susan Pearson              Davenport: Tom Freegard

Slater: Alyona Saldanha       Betty Johnson: Kath Hill

Vic Johnson: Ian Young        Passer-by: Jibu George Abraham

Directed by: Godfrey Room

Jean has carefully prepared a birthday celebration for husband Henry; friends, Vic and Betty, are invited but Henry is very late home and, on arrival, he wants to emigrate immediately!

So begins an evening of total chaos involving CID police, murder, bribery, identity-shifts, twists of fate, lost property and hilarious confusions, as well as a mysterious Dutchman - all fuelled by a lot of funny money!

This is a classic Ray Cooney farce, uninhibited laughter will drive away November chills - guaranteed!