Dangerous Corner

by J.B. Priestley               March 2012


Stuart Jackson (Charles Stanton), Adrian Peace (Robert Caplan), Shirley Dodson (Freda Caplan), John Fisher (Gordon Whitehouse), Maria Hiscock (Betty Whitehouse), Kay Oliver (Miss Mockeridge), Karen Evans (Olwen Peel)

Producer: Clive Baker

Robert and Freda Caplan are hosting a dinner party at their stylish country retreat. Their guests are Freda's brother Gordon, his wife Betty and colleagues Olwen Peel and Charles Stanton, all of whom are associated in a publishing business. A novelist Miss Mockeridge, a client of the firm, is also present. A chance remark by one of the guests sparks off a relentless series of devastating revelations. Dark and dangerous secrets come to light and the group's perfect lives slowly begin to crumble and fall apart leading in the end to tragic consequences.

A gripping tale of intrigue and emotions.

"Dangerous Corner", the first play by J B Priestley, was premiered in London in 1932 and has enthralled audiences worldwide.