Anybody For Murder

by Derek Benfield              June 2012


Matt King (Max Harrington), Annie Harvey (Janet Harrington), Hannah Evans (Suzy Stevens), Matthew Hemmings (Edgar Chambers), Stuart Jackson (George Ticklewell), Sally Kirkup (Mary Ticklewell)

Producer: John Fisher

On a remote farmhouse on an equally remote Greek island, murder is afoot.

Max and his lover Suzy have concocted a plot to kill Max's wife Janet, so that they can be together, with insurance money as an added bonus. Their plan is for Janet to have a sailing "accident", and Suzy paves the way by rowing off the island, disguised as Janet in a blonde wig. But as soon as they have proceeded to the next step - drugging Janet - two unexpected visitors arrive, in the shape of George and Mary Ticklewell, distant relations of Janet's, who bring news of a million-dollar legacy. They naturally assume that Suzy is Janet, and Max therefore alters his plan so that Suzy's impersonation of Janet will be a permanent one, thus enabling them to claim the inheritance.

He underestimates the Ticklewells, however, for they too have have an eye on the money, with murder plans of their own. Thus begins an intriguing round of plot and counter-plot, involving bodies disappearing and re-appearing, with a final, unexpected twist.