A Murder Has Been Arranged

by Emlyn Williams               Feb 2013


Ruth Davies (Miss Groze), Roger Trayhern (Cavendish), Karen Evans (Mrs Wragg), Max Curtis (Jimmy North), Laura Keogh (Beatrice), Fran Loss (Mrs Arthur), Robert Elrick (Sir Charles Jasper), John Fisher (Maurice Mullins), Annie Harvey (The Woman)

Producer: Julia Edwards

There is a legend concerning a murder once committed at the St James' Theatre that a dumb woman will appear on stage to reveal the murderer.

Sir Charles Jasper, an eccentric who delves into the occult, is due to inherit two million pounds on his birthday and plans to celebrate the occasion with a party on the stage of the St. James' Theatre, supposedly haunted because of several mysterious deaths years ago. Should he die before eleven, his nephew Maurice Mullins will inherit the fortune. Maurice arrives and engineers his uncle's murder. Then the dumb woman of the legend appears ...